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On 19th May 2009, the chauvinist government of Sri Lanka declared that the Sri Lankan Army defeated the pro-independence Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (LTTE) and announced May 20 as a national holiday. A war of more than 20 years have been won, declared the Sri Lankan government. Yes the war has been won, but at what expense and on who’s expense?

Chauvinist Sri Lanka government.

Conflict between the Sinhalese and Tamil started  since its independence in 1948. The Tamil minority in Sri Lanka have been facing discrimination of linguistic, cultural and economic by the chauvinist Sri Lankan government. On the other hand, the Sri Lankan government also use Sinhalese chauvinism as a tool to create anger among the Sinhalese against the Tamils.

With the background of chauvinist politics, the Sri Lankan government went all out to crush the dissent and the retaliation of the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Army unleashed cluster bombs, multi-barrel rocket launchers and death squads against its own people of Tamil ethnicity.

During the war, the Tamil civilians were shepherded into the so called “safe zone” which was crowded with hundred thousands of starving people. But then even the “safe zones” were bombed several times by the Sri Lankan Army during the war. It was also reported that Tamil  women were raped by the army  and children were being questioned for their alleged link to the LTTE by the Sri Lankan Army in these called “safe zones”. 

The chauvinism of the Sri Lankan government is at its worst where access has been denied to the aid agencies to deliver food, medicine and clothing in the camps; denied request from the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to allow international aid agencies access to the detained civilians; banned the international media, imposed strict media black-out, and arrested and deported the journalists who filmed the incidents inside a camp.

These actions clearly shows the Rajapakshe government is trying to hide its war crimes committed against the Tamils in Sri Lanka. The images and reports from Sri Lanka clearly shows a genocide is taking place and if aid is not allowed into the camps , then it is going to be a human catastrophe  as people will die of starvation and disease will spread due to unhygienic conditions.

And as this situation unfolds, what is the world doing?

Half of the world is endorsing Sri Lankan governments no interference resolution in Geneva. Countries like China believes that the Sri Lankan government best knows what to do for its own people and other countrioes must not interfere.

Why are they supporting the Sri Lankan government?

World interest on Sri Lanka

The war against the Tamil Tigers was won with the following ingredients that is : Chinese weapons, Indian intelligence, Sinhalese Armed personals and chauvinist Sri Lankan Leaders. Not forgetting the role of countries like the US and certain Europe countries who kept quiet when the genocide took place. All that you got from Obama was a press statement and this was the same thing he did when Palestine was attacked by Israel.  

Let’s look at China’s role .

Do you know that:

  • in 2007, Sri Lanka signed almost a 38 million dollar deal to buy Chinese ammunition and ordinance for its army and navy?
  • in 2008, China sold huge sophisticated weapons to Sri Lanka and gave and aid of more than five times of $1 billion and become the largest donor to Sri Lanka?
  •  The Sri Lankan Air Force was bedecked by the Chinese Jian-7 jet fighters, anti-aircraft guns and JY-11 3D air surveillance radar?
  • China blocked the entire endeavour that was made by UK and France to discuss the Sri Lankan Issue in the United Nations.

This factor was a  critical element in Sri Lanka’s victory against the Tamil Tigers.  

On the other hand, India also actively helped the Sri Lankan Army and has played a key role in decimating the LTTE from its strongholds. There has been training, intelligence co-operation, exchange of views provided by India.

Both the countries were  trying to maintain their  influence on  Sri Lankan government for its own interest and also to gain more control over the Indian Ocean. Whoever controls the Indian Ocean will dominate Asia because this ocean is the key to the seven seas in the 21st century. So now wonder , the Sri Lankan government was able to get great help from this 2 countries.

It was Chine and India help me finish of dissent in my country and I will allow more access in the Indian Ocean around Sri Lanka.

What is Malaysia’s stand ?

Even though there was a lot of protest by Malaysians against the chauvinist government of Sri Lanka, the Malaysian government continued to be indifferent on the issue. The Foreign Minister actually went on to say, the conflict is a internal matter and the Malaysian government will not interfere in sovereign countries’ domestic affairs.  The Minister went on to say, Palestine issues the government will support but Sri Lanka Tamil issues they would not support.  Why? What is Malaysian’s interest towards Sri Lanka?

What else… of course investment. Malaysia is the largest foreign investor in Sri Lanka for the past four years . There are 18 Malaysian commercial projects in Sri Lanka, which is worth  RM3.2 Billion.  The trade between both the countries is also increasing with Malaysian exports to Sri Lanka amounting to RM1.4 billion last year.  Thus, isn’t it clear why Malaysia is supporting the Sri Lankan resolution of non interference? The capitalist Malaysian government does not care about the Tamils as long its trade is not affected. 

JERIT Supports the Right to Self Determination.

Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (JERIT) condemns Sri Lanka’s slaughter of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and fully supports the Tamil peoples'  struggle to free themselves from oppression.   As stated in the International Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Article 1, that all people have the right of self-determination, the Tamils in Sri Lanka also has every right to self-determination and the chauvinist Sri Lankan government should respect that.  JERIT  Peace can only be achieved, through the respect for self determination and the unity of the Sri Lankan working class Tamils and Sinhalese. believe that until the people of Sri Lanka are liberated from this chauvinist policies and government, there will be no permanent peace in Sri Lanka. Issues will crop up again.
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