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Wednesday, 07 March 2012
In midst of 13th general election fever, some of ‘invisible’ community also seriously down with real fever due to fear. These are the refugees, asylum seekers and migrants community whom downtrodden and most marginalized in our rich Malaysia.

The recent announcement by the Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) on the crackdown under the 6P programme for the undocumented persons has raised many eyebrows. The 6P programme has not completed, some are still registering and waiting to be registered, yet why is this crackdown for?

The Malaysian government is being irresponsible for this ill-implementation of 6P programme that affects thousands of peoples’ life. Since the announcement of the major crackdown, the chain reaction to it was:

1.     Refugee community that yet to be registered under 6P now under high risk of arrest, detention and facing force deportation which  totally against the international customary law of non-refoulement which prohibits the return of people to places where they may face persecution or threats to their life or freedoms.
2.     They live in constant fear and afraid to leave their house or even to work.
3.     Refugees and asylum seekers losing their job due to employers refuse to hire anymore due to crackdown that affects severely on their livelihoods.
4.     High risk of accident or injury while people try to escape during the raids in their places. Children and elderly are more vulnerable in this condition.
Tenaganita and SUARAM stated that four raids have been reported so far with arrest of few hundreds of migrants and refugees who might subject to arbitrary arrest, ill-treatment, detention as well deportation.

Adding on the 6P's soap-opera, the Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam announced on 24th  February that refugees from Myanmar are not eligible for 6P programme as they areunder UNHCR protection. This statement is very contrary to the prior arrangements for biometric refugee registration which was announced by the UNHCR and MOHA last year.
Clearly Malaysian government also having a fever that makes up all the mess and chaos in this 6P drama. JERIT urge the government to halt the crackdown immediately and put things at place orderly and we urge the government to work on more proper and firmed plan surrounding the 6P program, in particular on the enforcement phase.

Finally, we call for the government to stop the mistreatment and detention of refugees and asylum seekers in Malaysia and to treat them with human dignity.

Cease the crackdown Now!



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