Thursday, 08 March 2012

JERIT welcomes the decision made by the Minister of Human Resource that the much controversial amendment in the Employment Act (EA) – “contractor for labour” will now only involve the plantation sector and all other sectors are exempted. According to local dailies, the decision was made at the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) yesterday in Putrajaya.


JERIT, MTUC and many other groups opposed the amendment since it was first introduced in April 2010. However, despite continuous protest, the government passed the amendment on 6 October 2011.  Now the exemption is a big relieve and a good news for the workers in the country.


However the issue did not stop here. The Minister of Human Resource has to answer several questions:


1.      Minister said it is now only applies to plantation sector since the amendment was requested by National Union of Plantation Workers (NUPW). Then why the Ministry pushed the amendment in EA which involves all sectors despite all the concerns raised and protest staged? Whose is behind all this and whose interest the Ministry was trying to protect?


2.       Now that the amendment is made to the EA. How do the Minister ensure it only applies to the plantation sector and not to other sectors? Will there be another amendment or will there be a ruling in writing to ensure nobody takes any advantage? Or whether this is just another election gimmick?

Contractor for labour is already in practice mainly in the service sector like the cleaning services. Many workers are employed under this system where they are easily exploited and suppressed by their employers and contractors. How will the Ministry protect this group of workers and ensure this exploitative system is stopped?


JERIT would also like to stress that the Ministry of Human Resource must ensure all safeguards are in place before enforcing “contractor for labour” in the plantation sector. One must remember that the plantation workers are among the most oppressed, vulnerable and poor. Thus, existing permanent workers in plantation should be protected and this amendment should not be allowed to be used on them. 


Ensure job security for all workers !



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