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Saturday, 12 May 2012
UMNO celebrated its 66 years of existence yesterday with a rally in Bukit Jalil Stadium.  In that rally, the Prime Minister, Datuk Sri Najib continued to expose the government’s racist stand despite his 1 Malaysia propaganda for the past 3 years. The Prime Minister continues to use the race card to show his power and threatens the rakyat that only if BN is in power that harmony between races can be preserved in the country. This is a very malicious statement to say especially 2 days before May 13.

However, the Rakyat have learned to ignore these kinds of threats by BN because the reality in the ground shows that the people are united for the country and will remain so. 9/7/2011 and 28/4/2012 showed the country united for “Change”. “BERSIH” a cause for free and fair elections have united people of all walks of lives, various cultures, various lifestyles and various ages to demand for their rights. The attack by the ruling government against the rakyat whose only demand is a free and fair election has further strengthened the unity and solidarity in the rakyat. Even people who did not come for the rallies feel for the people who were beaten up during the rally without caring what race they belong to.

This is what BN was afraid off. The unity among the people of Malaysia has shaken the foundations of BN’s divide and rule politics; Divide the masses according to race and create disharmony and mistrust. But 50 years later the Rakyat are able to see pass these malicious intent , not only the younger generation but also the older generation who have realized the government has been cheating and creating disharmony to stay in power.

The unity that has been achieved today in “BERSIH” is the result of the continuous  work of many groups, NGO’s and many struggles that slowly and consistently tried to unite the Rakyat for a common cause. People who consistently tried to unite the Rakyat through class struggles and common causes were arrested by the ruling party under the pretext of national security threat. The government thought they will always be able to suppress the mind and voices of the rakyat.  Groups like Perkasa and Ikhlas were formed to create racial tension after March 8, 2008 as there was already indications that people wanted “Change” and day by day Pakatan Rakyat was gaining support as BN’s corruption and mismanagement was continuously exposed. As when the ruling government was thinking how to create fear to win elections more than 300,000 people in KL alone came to the streets for Bersih 3.0 on 28/4/2012 to demand free and fair elections.

This 300,000 people in KL alone and many thousands in other states and countries have struck fear in the hearts of the ruling elites. The rakyat has demolished all hurdles in front of them, from Racism to Fear. A new dawn has emerged in Malaysia. Let’s continue this journey for “Change” and Equality to create a better Malaysia for the future generation. Unity and Solidarity is Strength! This is the lesson the rakyat has learned during the Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 rallies which we need to continuously spread to reclaim our rights as citizens of this beloved country Malaysia.




Last Updated ( Saturday, 12 May 2012 )
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