Saturday, 02 June 2012


5.30pm, 31st May 2012 would make 30.5 hours of the first ever Occupy event at the PM Office at Putrajaya by the Bukit Jalil Estate ex-workers to highlight their plight to the Prime Minister. PM agreed to meet with the ex-workers committee in a month time which the date will be confirmed in a week time.  This has finally come in written form handed over Dato Ravin Ponnaih to the workers at 5.32pm today.




With that confirmation, the occupiers decided to end their protest but not ending the struggle for their rightful demand for land and housing. With this letter the workers will follow up persistently to ensure that the date and appointment materialises.

 Camping next to the PM’s office since 11am yesterday by the determined 41 family reached the PM’s ear only this afternoon. JERIT with PSM has been working together with the workers since 2010 till now.  Help and support in terms of the food and drinks flow freely from the other grassroot and kind individuals. NGOs like SUARAM, KOMAS, PERMAS, Warga Aman also came down to provide solidarity support.  YB Nurul Izzah expressed her full support to the struggle during her visit this afternoon.




This Occupy Pejabat PM is another small victory by the people to win their struggle.  It takes lots of courage and effort by the working class to liberate them from the exploitative condition.  The people today leave with a hope to meet PM in a month time and would not hesitate to have another drastic action should this promise broken.



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