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Monday , 4/2/2013

Cameron Highlands;

Farm workers, single mothers and small traders handed over a memorandum of demands, to the Cameron District Office today. The residents together with the JERIT Kayuh 2.0 cycling team made their way to the district office at about 9am today after camping overnight in front of the office since 6pm on the 3/2/2013 demanding to stop the environmental crisis in  Cameron Highlands.

This action by the agitated residents was taken after non-practical-replies to the letters, meetings and the many memorandums submitted previously to the Cameron DO office.

The group was demanding among others to :

i.              Stop massive forest destruction;

ii.             Stop river pollution;

iii.            Solve Traffic Problems in Cameron Highlands;

iv.           Implement low cost housing scheme;

v.            Halt the Incinerator;

vi.           Solve all the 13 cases in respect to land, house and small traders;

vii.          Engage in public Consultation before implementing projects.  


About 50 residents of Cameron together with JERIT Kayuh 2.0 cyclists marched and cycled to Tanah Rata from two ends of Cameron, a group from Blue Valley and another from Ulu Jelai. They began their march on Saturday morning( 2/2/2013) and continued marching for about 60km altogether till Sunday (3/2/2013) and decided to remain outside the district office to handover their 7 demands memorandum. The 2 days walk was to spread the message that Cameron’s is being destroyed and needs to be saved before it is further destroyed. 

The support from the other traders, and residents was excellent as everyone is worried that their hometown is facing an environment crisis. The two teams converged at the Tanah Rata District Office on the 3/2/2013 at around 6pm and decided to stay put there until the office opened on Monday and hand in their demand and also the support signatures they collected during the 2 days campaign. After 60 km walking and cycling and leafleting the, the residents together with JERIT  handed over a list of demands to the district officer before peacefully dispersing.

The residents warned the DO, that if the Pahang Menteri Besar and/or the district office could not give them "a reasonable solution" in the next few weeks they would again march and protest to urge the people to change the existing ruling party said Suresh, the secretary of Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM), Cameron who led the campaign.

The residents demanded that Pahang Menteri Besar Dato’ Sri Adnan Yaakob and the Cameron district office, meet with them and respond to their long pending land, farm, shop and housing issues, which have been a problem for more than four decades. The Pahang MB, Dato Sri Adnan had  met the group in 2012 and promised to solve their problems but to date promises remain as empty promises.

 “We have endured many years of empty promises, eviction and hardships. Why wouldn’t we be able to bear a little cold and hunger now?” asked Ezumalai, a resident of Cameron who camped outside the District Office.

“We are staying here in a very uncomfortable condition. Some people are sick, old and under stress and have headaches, leg cramps and there are elderly with respiratory problems because of the cold,” but we are here as our livelihood is affected and the environment that we live in being destroyed slowly that there will be nothing left for the next generation said Revathi, a single mother resident who walked and camped during the campaign. .

Their demands are also supported by other political and social organisations in Cameron Highlands. Sungai Siput Member of Parliament Dr. Jeyakumar Devaraj had also given the movement his backing and visited them on Sunday night.

The resident insist that they will continue to fight for their rights and the right of other Cameronians as they are convinced that they have the right to demand what is theirs.

“The 2 days march went on very well. We have handed over a memorandum and will wait for the reply from their side. If we do not hear anything within the next few weeks, or before the general election, we will surely work hard to bring down this uncaring government which puts PROFITS FIRST and PEOPLE LAST” said Suresh.

SAVE CAMERON before it is to LATE


For more information, please contact Suresh 019-5696964


Written By :

Sudha Chinasamy

Committee Member

Kebangkitan Rakyat Cameron (KRC) 2013




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