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Tuesday, 11 March 2014
11 March 2014

OPEN LETTER TO Yang Di Pertuan Agong Abdul Halim Mu’adzamShah on the Goods and Services Tax

Your Majesty, in your opening speech in the Parliament , Your Majesty  urged the Members of Parliament to tell the people in the ground the benefits of the Goods and Services Tax.


Your Majesty ,please allow me , the normal Rakyat to humbly present my views on why we are opposed to the Goods and Services Tax which will make Malaysians poorer rather than benefit anyone except the rich.


Your Majesty, My humble first point is: GST TAX will make all Malaysians, whether poor or rich, young or old, students and unemployed to pay tax. This is against the concept of tax  as in economics the concept of tax, is those who have a surplus income or wealth , pay tax so that the government can provide basic services with low charge or no charge at all for all including the poor. Tax is also used to help the poor by having social programmes to uplift their income and standard of living. This tax is equivalent to the zakat the Muslims pay, that is a must in Islam where the rich person will pay zakat so that the surplus wealth is redistributed to the poor. Thus the concept of everyone paying tax through the GST Tax is not a fair tax system where Malaysia is a country where 80% of the population are not in the category of paying tax. So how can the Malaysian government implement a tax system which will oppress the low income and poor and also it is un-Islamic to collect tax from the poor.  Thus the implementation of the GST TAX must be halted Your Majesty.


Your Majesty, secondly , the Sales and Services Tax which is currently being implemented is only for luxury goods and only the rich pay this tax whereas GST TAX is on  basic things like fruits, vegetables, education, medical services, electricity etc that is basic things that we need to live. Thus  Your  Majesty, the GST Tax  is not the same as SST  as with the GST TAX  everything we want to buy or use even in our house, we need to pay tax. Furthermore until today the government have not informed what is 40 exempted goods in the GST list  , thus we as the rakyat are being kept in the dark on the exemptions and implementation and the government is giving us contradicting views to confuse us the rakyat.

Your majesty, of course the government of the day would have convinced you that they are giving BRIM for low income Malaysians to offset the impact of  GST TAX. Your Majesty , however , first and foremost during the 13th General Elections, the BarisanNasional party promised in their  election manifesto to give RM 1200 as BRIM. However after forming the government they have went back on their promise by only giving RM 450- RM 650.  Your Majesty, Secondly this BRIM is not in an statute or law that the government has to give every year, thus the government can stop it anytime they want as it is not a required by any law to do so.  The same thing happened in Canada , when the Canadian government first introduced the GST Tax in their country, for the first 2 years the government gave cash assistance to the lower income people, but after 2 years they stopped. This is also possible in Malaysia looking at the past records of the government of the day that does not even keep the election pledges from their own manifesto.

Your Majesty , thus we the humble subjects of your nation , reject the GST TAX and we request Your Majesty to order the government of the day and the Prime Minister to stop the implementation of the GST TAX and use the current income tax collection from the individuals and businesses wisely as lots of wastages are happening and it is not good for the country’s economy. We hope Your Majesty will  intervene and help us the rakyat as we are going through trying times as our salaries are low and the government is continuously oppressing  us as they live lavishly.


Humbly Your Subject

Parameswary E

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