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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Press Statement: 20 May 2014

Rakyat hostile to GST, WHY NOT?

In regards of the statement of Deputy Finance Minister, Ahmad Maslan in Malaysiakini on 15 May 2014, JERIT would like to say it out loud that GST tax is an unfair tax and discriminates the majority Malaysian with special benefits for the few rich. Hence rakyat’s hostility towards GST is feedback to government who’s playing deaf.

Should the Minister concerned about saving the money for the country’s development, it should reflected by their action. A big disappointment to see RM250 million splurged ONLY for advertisement. Mr Minister, you should practice what you preach yet we the rakyat see otherwise.  

Blatant lie if only 10% price hike will incur once GST 6% implemented. Our country is facing highest inflation rate over the years. In January 2014, Malaysian annual inflation rate accelerated to 3.4%, the highest rate since October 2011 due to higher food, transport and electricity prices.

A year ago, government mentioned 40 basic goods and services will be exempted from GST, and later maybe the list will be extended shows how indecisive government for impactful huge tax that will be implemented next year. GST is well known as a regressive tax and Minister’s action to justify it as people’s ignorance very disheartening.  

Don’t compare oranges with apples Mr Minister. The 160 countries that implemented GST tax mostly were welfare states where the government spends the tax money to give high quality of basic amenities, free education, free healthcare, cheap and efficient public transportation and social security benefits. Instead Malaysia has privatised most of its public services to corporate.

Malaysia has made news wave internationally for its infamous Scorpene and Altantuya issue reflectingcorruption, misuse of power and poor administration. Loosing RM28 billion (as per in Auditor General Report) every year doesn’t reflect administrative efficiency so why should Rakyat trust on government on GST matter. It’s like digging our own grave.

In 1980’s the corporate tax was 40%, and dropped drastically to 25% now BUT the government planning to decrease to 24% in this year. Why the tax to the rich is being compromised BUT not to the poor? GST is shield for the rich and government but not to us who voted you.

As such, hostility towards GST is a must by every rakyat. It’s the ruling party who’s trying best to keep rakyat ignorant on this life affecting issues with race and religious card.

Stop playing dirty games. Rakyat is not slave and government is not GOD. NO means NO and listen to Rakyat instead Mr Minister like you did before General Election.

Released by,

Sivaranjani Manikam

Secretariat JERIT

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