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Thursday, 06 May 2010



The current economic situation in Greece is very delicate, the adjustment measures planned by the Greek government are going to cause a wide ranged strike in the country. The measures would include cutting bonuses and holiday payments from the workers, VAT and price raises.

Greek public sector workers announced general strike. Athens had 40000 people participating. In this square there were heavy clashes between demonstrators and riot forces with tear gas by police, and stones and Molotov cocktails by the protesters. The protest march in Thessaloniki about 5,000 people gathered in the rain. There have been protest marches in many other cities, with a massive turnout. Thousands from working class are trying to demonstrate their desire to fight against the state’s financial measures.


EU leaders assured financial support to Greece giving green light to the emergency loans needed to help on the budget deficits.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 06 May 2010 )
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