Friday, 23 December 2011
From: Sivarajan, PSM Treasurer
Mahalingam enduring the heat in a tent ,when his house was demolished

Sdr Mahalingam a disabled passed away peacefully yesterday at his own home in a low cost flat in PJS1 . Before Jun,2011 , not many would have known Mahalingam, this frail looking disabled person on wheelchair whom could hardly speak due to his lung condition. But that did not stop him from fighthing for his rights to own a home.  
He too wished to own a home, thus as pioneers of Petaling area, he bought a house from Peter Brickworks after the whole community was evicted and transferred to a transit home 'rumah panjang'.But Peter Brickworks failed to build the low cost flats citing an court injunction by adjacent bungalow houses. Since 2003 things were looking bleak for Mahalingam and the whole PJS1 community.Their house was not going to be built.
Things turned worse when Peter Brickworks seeked a court order to evict them again from the transit long  houses to make way for a high cost condominiums . 
The developer got a default judgement and began to start eviction process in Jun,2011. 

Mahalingam stood his ground ! He understood the injustices happening around him . His disability did not stop him . He fought hard to stay in his long house demanding that the developer delivers his promise . 

Many tried to convince him to stay in a relative house and still continue the struggle . But Mahalingam refused .

His rumah panjang was demolished early June. Many tried to be symphatetic by convincing him to move out , as he has nowhere to stay . But , no , Mahalingam insisted that he stays in the rumbles of his house. A tent was put up at the site of the of demolished house, and the old frail bodied man stayed there in the hot day and cold  nights demanding a solution to his problem . He was coughing and sick , his fever was running high , but nothing could shake his spirit. Finally , the meeting with the Menteri Besar took place and with some arm twisting, the State government managed to secure a low cost flat house free of  charge for Mahalingam . 

He stayed happily in his new home on the ground floor of the flat until his passing yesterday . 

I will always remember, when he told me sitting in the wheel chair beside the rumbles of his demolished house " Saya mati pun tak apa, saya mahu rumah saya ! Itu Peter sudah tipu saya , saya mahu rumah saya ! 

Thank you Mahalingam for reminding us was a true spirit of struggle for what is right means .



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