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Saturday, 02 June 2012
Ladang Bukit Jalil is believed to be the last of the plantations in Kuala Lumpur and their land was sold by Bukit Jalil Estate Agency to DBKL in July 1980 for development.
Until 1994, DBKL even hired residents through private contractors to tap rubber. But rubber plantations have made way for the Bukit Jalil Sports Complex.

Developer tried to break up communities by offering residents from another estate called Kinrara estate, alternative low-cost terrace houses that is meant to be built on Ladang Bukit Jalil land.

June 14 2007 and July 16 2007
Eviction notice served to 30 families some of whom have lived there for over 30 years; to move out by 31 July 2007. DBKL wants to relocate them to a low-cost public housing project in Taman Muhibbah.

30 families accepted DBKL's offer and have moved to the flats.

The rest have refused to be bullied. DBKL is trying to evict them baed on the Emergency (Essential Powers) Ordinance 1969 (Clearance of Squatters Regulations).

The remaining family want terrace houses rather than low-cost flats.

DBKL plants to use part of the Ladang Bukit Jalil site for different purposes including:
- a temporary detention centre or prison
- cemetery
- commercial office complexes

"Living people are not as important as dead people"
- S. Thilakarajan

31 July 2007
Letter sent to their MP (Tan Chai Ho) that demolition was put off for a week.

13 August 2007
Representatives from 56 families of Ladang Bukit Jalil were eventually pressured to go to Taman Muhibbah to draw lots of who would move into which flats, but when they found out that some of the families were left out by the developer, they boycotted the lot-drawing exercise and demand that DBKL do an updated survey of their community.

Only 45 names were on the list and some of them were not from their community.

20 July 2010
Another notice served to residents to evict by 6 August 2010.

5 August 2010
Residents submit a memorandum to the PM.

6 Aug 2010
Federal Territories and Urban Well-Being Minister, Raja Nong Chik Raja Zainal Abidin, announced that the demolition order will be postponed until an unconfirmed date and said he will look into the issue together with DBKL. He said their demand for a low-cost terrace house like what is being given to Ladang Kinrara is out of the question.

Next eviction date is finally announced as 27 December 2010.

22 Dec 2010
Residents protest at the PM's office in Putrajaya and succeed in getting their eviction order postponed to 15 January 2011.

One of their banners read "DBKL, don't be a Napoleon"

In their memorandum, they demand that the government stop referring to them as squatters, which is a tactic the government uses so they can use the EO.

Note: DBKL has never been called for a meeting by DBKL.

11 March 2011
- 50 residents gathered in front of DBKL asking Ahmad Fuad Ismail to resolve their land issue immediately
- 6 female residents and a child managed to get through the guarded entrance
- a boy got injured and a woman got hired

23 May 2012
Residents announce that they will camp at the PMO starting May 30 until the PM meets them.

Their demand is four acres out of the 26 acres they have to build low-cost houses. 

They have taken their case to the High Court and Court of Appeal but lost their case.



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