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Thursday, 12 September 2013
To Media Friends,

Today, 12 September 2013,
Kampung Hakka in Mantin, Negeri Sembilan is being demolished now. The people are being forcefully evicted by the developer Mega Nine now. The developer is evicting the poeple with the help form the Mantin police. Officer in Charge of the station was also present at the scene.
At 11 am, 8 people including 4 activists and the residents were arrested. They are brought to the Balai Police Mantin. 4 other residents who went to the police station later was also arrested. 

Total arrested now is 12 people.

Some numbers that can be called for info:

1. OCS of Mantin Police Station: Chief Insp Rashid: 012-5183594
2. Activist Parames: 019-3055906

Hope press will cover the news and highlight the importance of housing rights for the people.
Thank you.
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