Monday, 22 September 2014

Dear All 

It is already September and in 6 months the Goods and Services Tax ( GST ) of 6%  will be implemented by the government which will have a big impact on the normal Malaysians especially the middle class and the low wage earners .

The government is intensively promoting the GST as the best Tax system and is the solution for better fiscal policies. 

However the issue of wastage that is highlighted in the Auditor General Report and also the un productive investments and so on is not addressed at all. For all the wastage and government budget deficit , GST is promoted as the solution which is actually a neoliberal policy where tax has to be paid from cradle to grave whereas the welfare of the citizen is not given importance. 

GST is not a viable tax as 85% of Malaysians are not in the tax paying category as they are low wage earners. Thus this new tax is going to be a burden to them and also increase the prices of good. 

Thus in order to highlight the issues of the normal Malaysian, and to create a momentum before Budget 2015 is presented in parliament , a series of programmes have been planned by the coalition to highlight and intensive the campaign against GST 

1. During the GST Expo ( Organised by government agencies ) at KL Convention Centre 
     Leafletting of STOP GST leaflets : 1&2 October 2014 , 12-2 pm , Outside KL Convention Centre 
     ( Need volunteers for leafletting ) 

2. Pre Budget Protest at Parliament - 8/10/2014 , 11 am , Outside Parliament 
    Please bring empty pots filled with sand , torn books and any creative protest tools to show the impact of GST 

Please volunteer, join us, promote the events to further intensive the BANTAH GST Campaign 

For more information, please contact 019-2275982. 

You can also attend our planning meeting on 24/9/2014 at 8pm in PSM HQ in Brickfields

Please let us know how u can help in this campaign that will help save the Malaysian people from falling into poverty as the 
GST Tax will make the poor poorer! 

Salam perjuangan

Gabungan Bantah GST 
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